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The location of Glagah Beach Tourism of Jogja

Kulon Progo district, Regency, Yogyakarta Province, Indonesia located in the village of Glagah, Temon. The distance from the city about 40 miles to the West, or about 15 miles from the capital of Kulon progo, Wates.


Spacious Beach will soon welcome visit Glagah beach. Glagah beach is a coastal area, which has great potential for tourism, thanks to its natural beauty. This beach is located in the Regency of Kulon Progo and has a very good with brownish-black-sand. The levels have ramps without coral so serving visitors with a panoramic view of the sea, as the eye can see. Spaciousness this coastal plain up to roll out completely the possibility, their eyesight. Looking ahead we could see the horizon of heaven and bring along the length of the Lake. While the beauty of the bend in the coast to eyes, change the view in the West or in Oriente.La coastal plain, airy and long coast offers a number of alternative sites View the scenic beauty of the coast. Each site has a different feeling as if he is still in a zone. This beach is about 25 km from the city of Yogyakarta, or 15 km from the capital of Kulon Progo Regency, Wates

To visit this beach, you can use the private vehicle or public. If you want to use public transport, from Giwangan bus station, you can take a bus towards to Yogyakarta-Wates, payment of Wates Rp.5000,00 for the Terminal. Wates from the Terminal, you can travel by bus in the direction of Glagah Beach-both the cost of about Rp.10,000 per person more.

Route Glagah Beach tourism in Jogja

While you’re on the road from the city of Yogyakarta, take the road from Yogyakarta-Wates-area road, then turn left, if you are getting a check, Glagah Beach reads. Access road is already very reasonable, cobbled streets, public transport is also well beyond the region. When a private vehicle used cars/motorcycles, there are two ways that can be passed from Yogyakarta.

points to the main street of Jogjakarta-such as public bus lines area.
South Street through the Regency of Bantul.The path was more present views of rice fields and a path that is not crowded with big vehicles

Ticket Price and distribution of Glagah Beach Tourism of Jogja

To enter the area of Glagah Beach, visitors with a levy of RP 1,500 tickets per person calculated. In addition, visitors are also two types of taxes, the medallion, parking and parking. In the Medallion a visitor who uses a motor will be charged IDR 1000,00 and motorists IDR 1,500 b. Meanwhile, parking, IDR 1000,00 engine and a car IDR 5000,00 cost.

Attractions to Glagah Beach

Glagah Beach offers four things at once on a beach.

  • First, it is an object, the next the Medallion. The object with the name stop on this tour in the next few years will be developed port. Here, there is a display that can be used by visitors to appreciate the natural beauty of the surroundings.
  • That the second object is a lagoon, which is located a few hundred meters west of the water. This lagoon a range of Glagah Beach is divided into two parts, the parts, which is still some herbs and grasses and sand hills at the borders of the sea.
  • The third object is a fishing area. The status of Glagah Beach caused a wide Beach ramps with seafood. Fishing In this area, visitors can join the local fish. In fact, people often want to help visitors for fishing.
  • Agro tourism area with the only beach in Yogyakarta, the Dragon fruit and Roselle fruit developed
  • Glagah Beach Resorts in Yogyakarta

Here are some of the existing equipment to Glagah Beach:

  • If you want to enjoy the water, visitors are calculated depending on what equipment you want to use. Visitors are surrounded in the lagoon by boat for 30 minutes, a fee of RP 3, 000.00. If you want to use a canoe, visitors can rent it paid of RP 200,000 hourly rate.
  • has a dam or known under the name of “dam”, visitors who might have been in the lagoon walk southward to the lips of the sea. You must be careful, however, due to the large waves sometimes hit the dam and water flying everywhere.
  • Glagah Beach has an outdoor stage, typically used for artistic performances, cultural, press and various other entertainments. Steps in this phase are not daily outdoors instead. But some days, such as Lebaran or new year’s Eve.
  • feeling tired and hungry d. after fooling around in beaches, visitors can take a break in one of the many stalls there are approximately Glagah beach. Enjoy a variety of seafood processed local pastries and Dilewatan close to the heart.
  • enjoy visiting A coastal agro tourism Wanadri plantation. There you can the process of cultivation of different crops such as Dragon fruit and Roselle flower Elixir’s watching. In addition, you can also rent bamboo raft, canoe and rowing duck that through a tour along Laguna or simply a wooden bridge leads to the area of sand dunes on the beach can be used.
  • If you want to stay, visitors can rent a bed and there are many along the coast, with a range of features and price.
  • is a motocross : right on the coast, with a surface that is large enough to give satisfaction for you fans of this sport. Meanwhile, a paved road which connects Glagah Beach and other beaches can be used as an arena of sport bikes.

For the visitor who wants to Berbasah Basahan, but this is an amazing feeling. It is possible the adrenaline encouraged to enjoy the beauty of the sea within walking distance. Don’t forget, always keep the rules. You can send the alerts search and rescue team at any time since the South Coast is rather dangerous.

Indonesia travel guide Beach trip, Reed was easy to find and traveled. And not many updates such as Gunung Kidul on the beach so we could relax in time travel. The path to the area also connects Glagah Beach and other beaches in Kulon Progo. So when two of the three islands after the paddle is, and you can visit the other beaches.

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