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You are confused where to vacation would today?? AHM,,,, does not have confused this time Indonesia travel guides will give you an overview of attractions in the beautiful Krakal Beach and plenty of corals


Krakal beach is located in Ngertirejo Village, Tanjungsari sub district, Regency of Gunung Kidul in Yogyakarta. It is 21 km from Wonosari and 38 km from the city center. It is adjacent to other beaches in Gunung Kidul, namely: Baron, Kukup and Sundak. From the city of Yogyakarta is between two hours to the point of three hours.


Jogja-Piyungan-Patuk-Sambipitu-forest Bunder-Ivory-Logandeng-Siyono-BPD-monument Bunderan JL. Kyai Legi-JL. Lingkar Selatan-JL. KRT Djojodiningrat-Girisubo Street-Saptosari Street-Kukup District-Krakal


To get into this tourist attraction, is charged Rp 1,000,-to Rp 2,000, and motor-cars



The beauty of the green expanses of limestone hills with blue sea water presents a truly beautiful harmonies, very beautiful to enjoy the warmth of the Sun. Formerly Krakal Beach chick through long processes. Krakal is believed to be on the ocean floor. However, due to the removal of the Earth’s crust, the sea floor is increasingly rising to the surface and eventually became land. Thus came the Krakal beach is unique. Krakal Beach has a coastline along the 40,000 ft ± make this be the longest Beach in Gunungkidul. Some opinions even without a doubt the most beautiful Krakal as mentioned. The West side and the East fringed with coral cliffs. In addition to enjoy its beauty, visitors can also play around with the waves Krakal. There is one thing that is unique in the emergence of diverse Krakal, ornamental fish in a certain time. When the sea was receding, situation comes the ornamental fish like Butterflyfish, Pogat and having a Bustum large size as well as ornamental fish a small Tliger. The emergence of ornamental fish usually coincided with the advent of the dry season when Moss came along. These fish are also more popping up during the beginning of the month, compared to the end of the month


Entered the territory of the beach, tourists will be welcomed by the vast stretches of white sand, punctuated a few coral displayed in some corner of the beach. To the East and the West is bounded by cliffs. A beautiful view is supported by a line of the ramps, Krakal beach makes it all certainly looks delicacies. Satisfied with its white sand, tourists can indulge themselves in menyeburkan with berbasah-basahan water. It should be noted that under the surface of the water a lot of coral, some are hidden and many also menyempul seemed to surface. Therefore, tourists must wear footwear in order not to hurt.

In addition to having an exotic beauty, Krakal turns out to hide the waves suitable for surfing. Surfers have to walk towards a row of rocks off the coast for later to meet the waves of type reef break which is quite challenging. Its base is dominated by coral so that surfers should be extra careful. Dry season between the months of March and September are the best time to wait for the barrel in Krakal.


A row of food stalls and some hotels can also quite easily found around the coast, making it easier for You who want to stay while waiting for the best waves for surfing. However, surfing is not the kind of sport which is quite popular among the locals. You must bring own surfing boards because your surfboard rentals do not yet exist here.

Hopefully after reading this your Indonesia travel guides will be steady on holiday to Krakal beach. And best wishes for your wonderful holiday and was very impressed.

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