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Baron Beach Tourism

The Regency of Kemadang village, Tanjungsari Sub District, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. The location of this beach is about 65 km from Yogyakarta or 20 miles southeast of Wonosari.

Baron Beach

The beach is actually a Bay, which is lined with two hills to the right and to the left. Brown basalt sand along the beach. Above the sand fishing boats lined back to the sea. The new ships were returned from the sea or the ocean season has arrived early. Baron is a dock for fishermen depart and go go home for their livelihood. So, in the coastal area also has a fish auction place (TPI) as market fishermen to sell the belts.

Baron beach is one of the beaches, which are a favorite of tourists in Jogja. Baron Beach Tourism of Jogja has a high rating among the rows of beaches in Yogyakarta. The legendary name Baron of children, adults, especially for those visits never College or living in Yogyakarta. Baron beach is a beautiful beach offers a beautiful view and an indulgent seafood cuisine of tongue. Rows beach after Beach Baron and Sundak beach is the beach of Cloves (series of famous beaches of Yogyakarta). Baron has big waves, which were allowed to tourists not on border guard officials source, Coast Beach and this is certainly a must for tourists to swim in these beaches warning.


Baron of Jogja tour pickup and ticket

Each visitor must pay RP 5,000,-. This ticket can be used at the same time for three beaches in Baron Beach, namely Krakal Sundak Beach and Kukup national are. RP 2,500 and RP 1,000 fee is parking in Baron motorcycles.

Baron travel itineraries

The tourist sites of the barons are multiple transport options that you can use a taxi, public bus, or private car and motor vehicles. Six Baron beach with public transport, public transport lines, which can be reached:

If you are using a private vehicle, the school and the second step of Imogiri can only through two routes. The school has the easier access because the path often crosses travellers if South coast of Gunung Kidul in Yogyakarta. But would you like a different way than usual, Imogiri is accessed, the line is rather calm and no less beautiful serves a renowned landscape, but the width of the road is narrower than the cycle of Jln. consider when very, very rarely is this line, due to the availability of the workshop where the readiness of your vehicle.

From the Tugu railway station terminus Giwangan is trans-Yogyakarta majoring 1A, the shelter must Adisucipto Airport line b move the bus-bus lines to Giwangan Terminal. One-way fee is RP 3,000 .00-. Adisucipto airport, take the bus line 3B TRANS Jogja directly to Giwangan Terminal. By bus from the airport to Giwangan Terminal is Rp 3000,00. Arrive at Giwangan bus station, you can start a small bus for school entry with a range between 1 or 2 hours. On arrival at school, the trip with a minibus went on to the beach Baron.

Tourist facilities of Baron Beach Jogja

  • Car park
  • The restaurant, which serves a variety of seafood
  • Hotel at an affordable price
  • Camping, located around the beach
  • The place for fishing


It is a moment, is very fond of Miss the Labuhan Javanese sea calendar of local fishing communities every month Suro, as God Almighty for very fish organized expression of gratitude toward those who gave.

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