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The Story with Autumn Named Sri Gethuk

According to Mr. Ngabdani of the President of the farmers ‘ group that runs the tours. The origin of the name for the traditional food is not actually falling, which comes from cassava, but is actually a type of Javanese gamelan of Kethuk device. But our tongues are more likely to fall in the face of the above mentioned Sri, is easier to facilitate the course. According to him, the times grandparents, of his great-grandfather. Around the waterfall is the Empire of Lelembut i.e. such ghosts, necessarily invisible. This particular day was originally called SPEL or exercises to play the gamelan in the Kingdom often. So loud, the sound of the gamelan is heard by residents of the village of Bleberan. A even if there is little confusion because one of their instruments are missing. There is a gamelan that kethuk calls itself. Then the waterfall named famous Sri Kethuk or later and better known as the case may be. Developed for this site by the Government of the country in a tourist place opened in 2016.

There is also a resort, a legend, the name Slompret is actually the word, is a wind instrument is the story, which is derived from a place or is Jin/spirits that cannot be seen with the naked eye or the map may say, this is a very haunted place of Jin Anggo Menduro is the President. Jin is a very fond of various arts. May be, at the time proven if a certain sound or will be called with the Java language Pandulon. The voice, though he had already addressed on the site Padukuhan Menggoran adjoining hears the voice and derives from the location of the falls, lost her voice. The voice is the voice of Dramben with a very dominant voice the voice of Slompret, then the place known as Slompret. The resort then call then known, up to this point the area with the waterfall because the water resort is located in the recreation area.


Sri Gethuk Autumn Tour of Gunung Kidul

Many say that the River in Sri Gethuk green Canyon-like water. Yes, as far as the eye can see is green, teaming up with shady trees and towering cliffs panorama. So, to find a new water fountain Sri Gethuk, we must Wade approximately 300 m in length, by a river, with a depth of 15 meters. Dato Sri Gethuk water raft, we are at a price of RP. 10,000-head can travel back and forth from the waterfall to the Mainland.

Situated in the tourist village of Bleberan, Sri Gethuk was losing water is one of the tourist place of love. To get this you must drive through eucalyptus forests owned by the Forestry Department with a varied road conditions good roads up to macadam. Enters the hamlet of Menggoran, eucalyptus plants change with teak wood boxes. Arrival in the fishing zone, which serves as a parking lot. Terjunya water tourist can walk through the trails of dams is a very cool rice. While up to 450 m, and then down the stair riser cards 96. But for travelers who do not want to remove the sweat not inflatable structures/traditional bamboo boat for tourists to the falls during a stroll along the beautiful cliffs of the resort, a height of 50 metres on the right left the journey that we arrived at the waterfall.


If the waterfall this fall, the goal only in the dry season to visit.

Because when we visit during the rainy season, is the Brown cloudy River, not spend, green and Asrinya overview how dry this season. Although the falls still nice, but it will be different, is if we’re not green and enjoy the crystal clear River.

The Cost of the Entrance Ticket to Sri Gethuk Water

Entrance fee: Rp 30,000 (Tickects Cave was of architecture.


Sri offers tourism services water Gethuk multiples, you can enjoy:

  • Rent a boat to go home – go to: RP. 10,000,-/person
  • Rent a buoy in cascade to Berenan: RP. 5000,-per person
  • Rent a raft body & rafting: RP. 25,000,-p.p. (includes service guide, buoy and insurance)


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