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The design of the cave so nice on the stairs of the stone type, built by the first. The height of a tree already greeted with Gagahnya over the roof of the cave of Klumpit. Large holes through the trunk became visible carious in age, which is already very old. The cave has an era of design or a wide area and can be used to arrange a meeting. See stalactites decorate the ceiling of the cave, many of them already dead so you don’t search no further fall of water. In the spacious hall is a small, narrow spaces and darkness. To enter this room, you must pass through a small slit with ducking. In this narrow space a painted red and white flag and words of encouragement for the fighters are addressed. Only 10 minutes in the air was stifling, the Court returned was also an option.

Over the wells, the cave of narrow and dark alleys, on the other hand there is a corridor of modern cave allegedly with Sri Gethuk water connects. Is required when you enter the floor on all fours occasionally squat to go, because the lid are very short. According to organizers, the part of the gear is collapsed so that it does not make sense. The night before that the cave is illuminated, cryptic era developed sees the light of the Moon, mystical and exotic. Dim light of stars and chat not brilliant friends garden be loyal during a cup of ginger that Wedang beams. Insect derik intercalated with the voice of the wind creates a Symphony of nature that a melodious and accompanying chat late at night.



Cave is the epoch of the ancient architecture is with the Cave-Braholo in Rongkop sub district, aligned content is based on the discovery of artefacts and bones, that thousands valued years of life. Cave, which has spacious and bright rooms with Klumpit (Terminalia edulis) appreciated, they used more than two centuries as hiding places and meet troops in Mataram devised a plan, Holland from the Sultanate of Ngayogyakarta hadiningrat Kingdom to hunt. Because it is used to design strategies to that lofty goal Goa is named after the modernist period.

Design time Cave is divided into 3 rooms.

The first Chamber of the Court of ramps and spacious with enough sunlight because the place near the mouth of the cave. After the officer once existed on the site of prehistoric life. On the wall in the second room there is also a kind of relief in the direction of stone, the Jengklot personnel alike.

Enter the second area, the streets are narrow and dark. Petugaspun has prepared a few flashlights as a means of illumination. In the second room was supposedly for her room. In this room there is a sort of table of rocks, if with legs crossed meditating claimed to be employed.

Towards a third bedroom (the deepest part of the Australian Government) very, very narrow narrow streets. To enter one must walk down the other coverage before. But it turns out, so we skip the narrow streets of the past, because in it there is a large room. We can stay to witness the evidence, that this Mataram troops for combat. The walls of this House the cave “inscription” or the promise of a soldier “Prasetya Bhinnekaku” at the top and Garuda emblem is write.

Not far from the “inscription” or oath Prasetya, there is speculation about a unique jewelry, shaped like a key, which is on the wall of the cave. According to the official, this key is the key that unlocks the invisibility of the modernist era, the caves of Gunung Merapi said.


Tickets: Rp. 30,000,-(the Sri Gethuk Tickects with water.


The modern era in Cave has many amenities, including:

  • parking is wide enough
  • There is already a service guide that will explain later in the sections, history etc in Goa modern era
  • There is a stand selling despite a slight
  • There are several bathrooms

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